Riva Kit, Light Design System

Free Design System made with love for designers.

It is Figma file, More than +200 Download.

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Riva Kit Free Design System

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Growing Riva Kit

Very Soon,It will be more in the nearest future, Riva kit gonna have, All Icons on the JSON method (Font Icon) and UX Wireframing Assets.

Hi everyone, It's nice to see you here, Even if you come just for a flash, the Rivakit is a simple and light design system that is free for download. This project sees the points as Grids, Spaces, Typography, and Elements, We try to create them as properties for each component we can.

Design system Grids

Grids for more than 6 Screen styles, for websites that have Big and small Sidebar also, you can use it for mobile sizes too.

Design system Colors

More than 5 categories of colors in different shades.

Design system Buttons

We try to use properties on components to create a smart but light design system, In this situation designers can use Riva kit design system so easily.

Design system Properties


Riva Kit tries to keep Parts of this design system so simple but rich.

  • Grids
  • Spaces
  • Typography
  • Colors
  • Shadows
  • Fields
  • Buttons
  • Controls
  • Elements
  • Icons (more than +800 High-quality icons)
  • Footers (more than +20)
  • Illustrations